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(T51) Magnetic Nutsetters
(T11) Proferred Pipe Wrench
(T34) Proferred T-Handle Hex Key Set
(T37) Proferred T-Handle Hex Key
(T22) Specialty Pliers
(T56) Proferred Hack Saw
(T57) Proferred Hack Saw Blade
(M10) Proferred Nylon 6.6 White Cable Ties
(M11) Proferred Nylon 6.6 UV Black Cable Ties
(T45) 12 Point Proferred Combo Wrench Set
(T46) Proferred Combo Wrench Set, Chrome
(T22) Snap Ring Pliers
(T22) Stripper /Crimper Pliers
(T49) Proferred Hammers
(T53) New Proferred Tape Measure
(M05) Proferred Polyurethane Industrial Gloves
(M05) Proferred Industrial Hybrid Gloves
(M05) Proferred Pigskin Industrial Gloves
(M05) Proferred Cowhide Industrial Gloves
(M05) Proferred PVC Dots Industrial Gloves
(M01) Proferred Disposable Nitrile Gloves
(M06) Cut Resistant Gloves
(M05) Brown Jersey Gloves
(M15) Proferred Safety Glasses
(M17) Proferred Ear Protection (COMING SOON!)
(M18) Proferred Reflective Vest
(M19) Dust Mask and Respirator (COMING SOON!)
(M09) Proferred Gel Knee Pads (COMING SOON!)
(M20) Proferred Packaging Tape (COMING SOON!)
(M21) Proferred Duct Tape (COMING SOON!)
(M22) Proferred Blue Painters Tape (COMING SOON!)
(M23) Proferred Vinyl Electrical Tape (COMING SOON!)
(M24) Proferred Thread Sealing Tape (COMING SOON!)
(M25) Proferred Yellow / Black Caution Ribbon (COMING SOON!)

(064) New Proferred Taiwan Drywall Screws

(R38) USA MECH GAL A325 TC Bolts
(818) 8.8 Zinc Metric Fine and Extra Fine Hex Bolt –Din 960 & DIN 961

(C20) Proferred HSS Drill Bit Sets
(C22) M35 Cobalt Drill Bits
(C10) SDS-Plus Carbide Drill Bits
(C11) Straight Shank Carbide Drill Bits

(W30) Alum/Steel Dome Close-End Blind Rivets
(W31) Alum/Steel Countersunk Close-End Blind Rivets
(W32) Alum/Alum Dome Close-End Blind Rivets
(W33) Stainless/Stainless Grooved Dome Close-End Blind Rivets
(183) Painted Rivets Black & White
(184) Painted Rivets Black & White
(K02) Deluxe Hand Riveter Kit in Aluminum & Steel
(S99) Replacements Parts for Battery Operated Rivet Tool Gun
(100) Steel/Steel Countersunk Blind Rivet, Zinc CR+3
(132) AL5052 Aluminum /AL5052 Aluminum Countersunk Blind Rivet
(134) AL5056 Aluminum/ Steel Countersunk Blind Rivet
(136) Stainless 304 / Stainless 304 Countersunk Blind Rivet
(137) Stainless Steel 304 / Steel Countersunk Blind Rivets
(142) Aluminum Backup Rivet Washers
(152) Steel Backup Rivet Washers (Zinc)
(034) Large Flange Dome Head Blind Rivet Steel/Steel
(035) Large Flange Dome Head Blind Rivet Aluminum/Aluminum
(036) Large Flange Dome Head Blind Rivet Aluminum/Steel
(037) Large Flange Dome Head Blind Rivet Stainless Steel/Stainless Steel

(040) Stainless 410 Self Drilling Screw (Inch)
(674) Metric Machine Screw Stainless 304, Flat Head Phillips
(676) Metric Machine Screw Stainless 304, Pan Head Phillips
(R03) Stainless 410 Self Drilling Screw Indent HWH Unslot w/Bonded Washer (Inch)
(673) Self-Tapping Screws, Indent Hex Washer, Slotted, Stainless 18-8 (Inch) (COMING SOON!)
(043) DIN 6334 Hex Coupling Nuts Coarse Stainless A2-70
(048) Coupling Nut, Stainless 304 (Inch)
(056) Coupling Nut, Stainless 316 (Inch)
(062) Button Socket Cap, Stainless 316 (Inch)
(063) Flat Socket Cap, Stainless 316 (Inch)
(549) Socket Head Cap Screw, DIN 912, Stainless A4-70 (Metric) (COMING SOON!)
(861) Button Socket Cap, ISO 7380, Stainless 316 (Metric) (COMING SOON!)
(862) Flat Socket Cap, DIN 7991, Stainless 316 (Metric) (COMING SOON!)
(045) Hex Flange Nuts Serrated 18-8 Stainless Steel
(046) Hex Flange Nuts Serrated 316 Stainless Steel
(797) Metric Stainless A4 70 Hex Head Bolt DIN 931
(798) Metric Stainless A4 70 Hex Head Screw DIN 933
(728) Machine Screws Stainless 304, Round Head Slotted (Inch) (COMING SOON!)
(223) Stainless 18-8 Finishing Washers (Inch)

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