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CI Computer Insights www.ci-inc.com/bbi

FIC Fastener Industry Coalition www.fastenercoalition.org

FTI Fastener Training Institute www.fastenertraininginstitute.com

FTR Fully Threaded Radio www.fullythreaded.com

IFI Industrial Fastener Institute www.industrial-fasteners.org

INxSQL INxSQL www.inxsql.com

MAFDA Mid-Atlantic Fastener Distributor Association www.mafda.us

MINA Metric Importers of North America www.m-i-n-a.org

MWFA Midwest Fastener Association www.mwfa.net

NCFA North Coast Fastener Association www.ncfaonline.com

NEFDA New England Fastener Distributors Association www.nefda.com

NETPLUS Netplus Alliance www.netplusalliance.com

NFDA National Fastener Distributors Association www.nfda-fastener.org

PWFA Pacific-West Fastener Association www.pac-west.org

SEFA Southeastern Fastener Association www.thesefa.com

SFA Southwestern Fastener Association www.sfa-fastener.org

STAFDA Specialty Tool & Fasteners Distributors Association www.stafda.org

WIFI Women in the Fastener Industry www.fastenerwomen.com

YFP Young Fastener Professionals www.youngfastenerprofessionals.com

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