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Where can I find the BBI part numbers for Ironclad gloves?
You can find the cross reference by clicking this link.

What is the cut off hours to place my order?
The cut off time is 2:30pm (some locations may vary)

What are your operational hours?
Office and will call hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00pm.
Please call 800-275-0050 to request possible extended will call hours.

How do you become a BBI/Proferred/Ironclad distributor?
Please apply here. Prospects must currently be a distributor with a brick & mortar location and able to have a BBI representative visit the site.

What is your company address?
Please visit our contact page for quick access to our locations.

I am an authorized BBI Distributor, how do I get a login?
Contact your BBI representative at 800-275-0050 for a login and an email invitation will be sent to you.

What is your Prepaid policy?
Download PPD policy here.

What kind of fasteners do you carry?
You can view our family of products by downloading here.

Do you carry Torx® products?
BBI’s fasteners are called 6 lobe

What is your return policy?
Products vary. However, you may find detailed information on the auto authorize help tab when logging into your account.

How do I know which shipping warehouse is best for my location.
The BBI system will automatically default to the nearest shipping warehouse. However, you may change the shipping location anytime at the time of ordering.

Do you only supply what’s available on your website?
No, BBI has a vast majority of products available for sale not listed on the website. BBI also offers Special Mill production and secondary processing. Please contact your BBI representative for non-standard items available for purchase.

How do I obtain tracking information on an order?
Login into the BBI system, click on the PO inquiry tab, there you will find the tracking number or signature of your purchase order.

How do I know my order is ready for will call?
Login into the BBI system, click on the PO inquiry tab, there you will find a note that your package is ready.

How do I return a Proferred Tool?
Most of our Hand Tools have a lifetime warranty. If you are unhappy with your purchase due to a manufacture defect, you may inquire by clicking here.

I am NOT a distributor but I have a question about Proferred
Please email support@proferred.com or visit our website at proferredscrews.com

What is your minimum order?
For existing customers, standard minimum order is $100
For new customers please see terms and conditions located in the application form here.

Where do I find material testing reports?
Login to the BBI system. Click on the Services Tab, then click on MTR. Unable to see MTR’s? Contact your BBI account manager to check if you are a primary authorized user.

Does BBI only import?
No, BBI is a wholesale distributor of both import and domestic products.


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