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U.S. Anchor
U.S. Anchor
Ultrawedge HD
Ultrawedge+ ICC ESR #3981
Ultrawedge+ Miami Dade County
Tapking Miami Dade County
U.S. Anchor

U.S. Anchor Products
U.S. Anchor products are manufactured to the highest industry standards for construction and industrial applications.

Ultrawedge™ +
The Ultrawedge™+, our flagship wedge anchor has the highest industry approvals to include ICC-ESR #3981 and Dade County #NOA.18.0403.04.

Tapking™ Concrete Screw
The Tapking™ concrete screw is approved by Miami Dade County #NOA.12.0326.1204 and available in hex and flat head versions.

Our Ultralite line of light and medium duty anchors offers a complete range for drywall, brick, and block substraits.

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